INSIGHT: 3 questions about Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona, answered

When I had the opportunity, in Geneva this past summer, to get my hands on the 20th century’s most famous wristwatch and talk about it with the man who will be holding the hammer when the watch is auctioned by Phillips in New York in a few days, my immediate thought was I-love-my-job-I’m-so-lucky. Followed by a few key questions: Would the watch feel more special on the wrist than your typical Cosmo Daytona? Does Aurel Bacs, auctioneer supreme, regard this as anything more than another (likely) record-breaking piece? And, on that note, just why was the pre-sale estimate — “In excess of $1 million” — so low? The importance of provenance When I found out that this watch was entering the market I was intellectually excited but emotionally detached. It’s a watch, right? With a very good story. A watch that loads of collectors would willingly sell their furniture (if not their mother-in-laws) for. But it’s a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona with an exotic dial, Ref 6239, circa 1969. It’s only a watch. That’s how it looked and felt for about the first three seconds after Alex Ghotbi from Phillips handed it to me. Then something took over – the knowledge…

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HANDS-ON: The Montblanc TimeWalker Chronograph in red gold with brown dial

Last week, I was in the mountain town of Jackson, Wyoming with Montblanc. And while I’ll have to wait until SIHH 2018 to share most of the watches I’ve seen with you (totally worth it, by the way), I did spot one smooth new variation of this year’s sporty TimeWalker Chronograph that I can tell you about. This new version amps up the prestige with a solid red gold case with a satin treatment, paired with a deep, dark chocolate brown sunburst dial and matching ceramic bezel. On the dial it’s lovely, but it really sings thanks to the contrasting gold tone hands, hour markers and totaliser rings, along with a few bright red details, like that Minerva arrow-tipped Chronograph seconds hand. While the regular TimeWalker Chronograph, released earlier this year, is every inch the automotive-inspired sports watch, this new look is less utilitarian and far more luxurious. It’s also incredible to wear on the wrist, as any stray beam of light sets the gloss ceramic bezel alight, adds to the lustre of the dial, or simply suffuses the case with a heavy golden hue. Aside from being one of the most delicious-looking 43mm watches I’ve seen in a goodly while,…

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VIDEO: Red alert – could you wear Hublot’s Big Bang Unico Red Sapphire?

There’s something about the colour red. In nature it symbolises danger, in human culture it’s got a more complex set of meanings: typically passion, strength, desire – emotion writ large. Which is why this glistening red sapphire confection is the logical extension of Hublot’s journey into sapphire. Not only does the vivid case amplify all the natural attributes of the Big Bang case – especially given the contrasting black detailing, but it exaggerates everything that Hublot stands for, not just in terms of design, but also in brand ethos. It’s an audaciously out-there watch, not to many people’s tastes, but it is an undeniably, infectiously fun watch. And, really, isn’t that what matters? Hublot Big Bang Unico Red Sapphire Australian availability and pricing Hublot Big Bang Unico Red Sapphire, limited to 250 pieces, $95,000

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15.10.2017  |  Andy Green

WHO TO FOLLOW: @gazman70k

In this extra long edition of Who to Follow, Andy speaks to the exceptionally well-dressed Gary about life, work, finding the right watch, and how to dress your best. NAME:                                   Gary Tok OCCUPATION:                    Travelling salesman and part-time author HANDLE:                               @gazman70k FOLLOWERS:                     5.1k LOCATION:                         Hong Kong, Sydney and up in the air … So Gary, tell me about yourself By day, I’m a travelling salesman, making promises my colleagues get to keep. I work for an international consulting firm and help clients identify, quantify and mitigate people risk, a collective term for all the bad things that can happen to employees. My work requires me to travel across Asia and occasionally to Europe and the US. After hours, I moonlight as an author, photographer and micro-publisher of books focused on bespoke menswear – clothing, footwear and accessories. In November 2016, I published my first book, Master Shoemakers: The Art and Soul of Bespoke Shoes. I am currently working on two other book projects. I love discovering new things and appreciating the work of artisans and craftspeople, in particular watchmakers, tailors and shoemakers. I am curious about the method and the…

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