EVENT: 3 reasons to visit the Heuer Globetrotter exhibition, now showing at TAG Heuer Westfield, Sydney

Australia is a sports-mad country, so it makes sense that the current Heuer Globetrotter exhibition has seen an allocation of sports-related Heuer models take the place of new stock on the floor of the world’s most profitable TAG Heuer boutique per square metre, in Sydney’s CBD. The exhibition is at the TAG Heuer boutique, 188 Pitt Street, Sydney, until September 30. The concept of Heuer Globetrotter, which has spread 400 of the rarest Heuer watches across 10 cities and 10 boutiques, all open to the public at no charge, is a master stroke from TAG Heuer for several reasons: It has brought the whole globe into the action. The TAG Heuer team have taken the concept of a vintage watch roadshow, unbundled and localised it – splitting the 400 watches, all extremely rare and collectible, into themed groups. Each exhibition is presented in a different city by a different Heuer collector. Each city’s theme was chosen by its key collector. It involves a key member of our team! It is with not a small dose of pride that we learnt that the local Heuer expert was to be David Chalmers, a co-founder of Time+Tide and raving Heuer fanatic. He launched the exhibition with the…

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INTRODUCING: A touch of class – the Breguet Classique 7787

Enamel is enjoying something of a renaissance in watch manufacturing. Many companies – from Seiko to Patek – are increasingly turning to the nearly forgotten art to decorate their dials. While it’s a slow and sometimes unforgiving process, the reward for mastering the technique is a uniquely alluring dial with a hue that will never fade. One company that has mastered the craft is Breguet – the gurus of guilloche also produce watches with some of the finest enamel dials in the industry. In fact, just this year they updated two of their classically styled pieces – the elegant Classique 7147, which we looked at earlier this year, and this more complex Classique 7787. Breguet has exchanged these models’ traditionally engine-turned dials for a pair of pearly whites. Both watches share the same style of grand feu enamelled dial, with Breguet numerals, whimsical star minute track, and stylised fleur-de-lis hour markers. However, there are a few extra details on the 7787, starting with a power reserve indicator that sweeps across the dial between three and six o’clock. Next is the smiling cutout at 12 o’clock, which displays the age and phases of the moon – with its stars and man on the moon set in…

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LIST: 8 wunderbar German watches…that doesn’t include Nomos or A. Lange & Söhne

While it’s unarguable that Switzerland has a hegemony on the luxury watch industry, their German neighbours have an equally long and proven track record when it comes to fine watchmaking. We’re willing to bet you’re familiar with Glashütte locals Nomos and A.Lange & Söhne, but there’s a lot more to Deutsche Uhren, such as these wunderbar watches… Archimede Pilot 42 Bronze While the German watchmaking town of Glashütte will pop up more than once on this list, we’re going to kick off with the Pforzheim-based firm of Archimede. Known for their high-quality cases and Pilot’s-style watches, all of which is on show in this stylish and affordable bronze Flieger. €756, ex VAT Mühle Glashütte S.A.R. Rescue Timer We told you Glashütte would show up on this list. And while Mühle Glashütte have quite a broad catalogue, we’re suckers for their S.A.R. Rescue Timer. $A2995 Defakto Eins Inkognito Defakto is one of the Ickler family of brands (Archimede being the most well known), and their watches are defined by minimal style. This Eins Inkognito is so minimal they even left one of the hands off. €613, ex VAT Sinn U1 If you’re into serious tool watches, you’re probably familiar with Sinn, who…

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10.09.2017  |  Andy Green

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During the day, Andy is a sharp-dressed businessman, but come sundown he’s a gym-loving, whisky-drinking major watch nerd. Although he loves watches of all shapes and sizes, he has a particular penchant for one specific brand… NAME: Andy Zhang OCCUPATION: Businessman & Watch Nerd HANDLE: @A_Zhangerator FOLLOWERS: 17.5k LOCATION: SYD, AU Hey Andy, how do you unwind? Well, I’m a workaholic but I do love a well-balanced lifestyle. That means hard-core gym sessions, balanced out with lots of whisky and cigars. Normally I go to the gym to relax and get rid of the stress from the office. Afterwards I read up on watch news to keep up to date with the industry. I love researching brands, and discovering what they do differently to create value and demand for their watches. Sometimes, if it is a seriously long day, I’ll play some jazz music and grab a glass of Japanese whisky. So, what’s your daily watch and why? At the moment my daily ‘beater’ is also my ‘one watch’, and it’s the Richard Mille RM35-01 Rafael Nadal. For me, it’s such a perfect watch, and extremely comfortable to wear – it’s super scratch-resistant and light. I wear my RM35-01 at work,…

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